Fringe programmes & teambuilding

Exciting supporting programmes and team building sessions will complement your team event. They connect, create trust, promote creativity and the 'WE' feeling in the team.

  • Rahmenprogramme und Teambuilding

Fringe programmes & team-building

We offer varied supporting programs and team building activities for your meeting participants or employees. Shared experiences create trust, promote creativity and foster team spirit.

No matter how clever a business idea or a new product, the team behind it is crucial. Inspire your employees! Why? They essentially contribute to the success of the company. This requires actions that strengthen the team spirit. In a teambuilding or team event, you create emotions and unity. Solving tricky tasks, being on the move and still having fun – creating emotions that will lead your team on their way to success. In order to strengthen the team it is required to bond over activities that can sometimes be unpleasant, but which will eventually resolve some issues.


  • Rahmenprogramme und Team Challenge

Incentive programs can also be added to the seminars. The focus is on fun and sharing experiences. Be it building a raft, an iPad excursion or a classical darts tournament. Social programs give the company an added value. Whether it is an event indoors, outdoors, in the city or in the countryside, no matter what the season is, we offer you endless possibilities. Culinary delights, creative and clever, sports events or rather relaxation. We are sure to find a suitable incentive program for your event.

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